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  • Increase the shear strength on non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies.
  • Fills void between one-piece assembly.
  • Seals joints against leakage.
  • Prevents corrosion.
Name Available Sizes Description Colour Approx Viscoity (cP) Max Gap Fill Tensile Strength Sealing Pressure PSI Temp Range Fixture Time (Min) Activators / Primers Agency Approvals MSDS TDS
HOLDIT R41 10mls, 50mls & 250mls

Mid Strength, Low viscosity Retaining Compound

Yellow 1,500 cps 0.2mm 8-16 Nmm2 N/A -51°C to +148°C 10-15 minutes A471 or A649
HOLDIT R60 50mls

Metal Fill, Quickly re-fits worn parts

Silver/Grey 80,000 - 120,000cps 0.38mm >17N/mm2 (shear) N/A -53°C to +120°C 10-60 Minutes A649 & A471
HOLDIT R62 10mls, 50mls & 250mls

High Temperature, High Strength, Retaining Compound

Green 7,000 cps 0.4mm 17N/mm2 N/A -55°C to +204°C 15-20 minutes A471 or A649
HOLDIT R68 10mls, 50mls & 250mls

High Strength Retaining Compound

Green 1,370 cps 0.3mm 22N/mm2 (Shear) N/A -53°C to +177°C 15-20 minutes A471 or A649
HOLDIT R69 10mls, 50mls & 250mls

MIld Strength, Low Viscosity Retaining Compound

Green 100-150 cps 0.125mm 4-20Nmm2 N/A -51°C to 200°C 15-20 mins A471 & A649

Product Conforms to MIL-R-46082   ASTM D-4363  GM-1183024


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