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Mx-3 is a general purpose lubricant that can be used in many different industries with many different applications. Mx-3 is available in a 300 gram Aerosol Can.

Mx-5 Plus is a premium grade extreme pressure anti-friction medium which gives increased lubrication ability between the contact surfaces. Mx-5 is also available in a 300 gram Aerosol Can.


Name Available Sizes Description Colour Approx Viscosity (cP) Agency Approvals SDS TDS
Mx-3 300g

Anit-corrosion, Anit-moisture pentrating oil

Clear light tan liquid 40°C - 10.04 and at 100°C - 2.54

ASTM1298   ASTM D97   ASTM D92     ASTM D1744     ASTM D445

Mx-5 300g

Anti-moisture, Anit-corrosion penetrating oil

Clear Light Tan Liquid 40°C - 10.86 and at 100°C -2.74

ASTM 1298   ASTM D97   ASTM D92   ASTM D1744   ASTM D445  ASTM D2509   ASTM IP239

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